Geek Girl Feature: Siany_23


@Siany_23 is a writer, fashion lover, gamergerl and geek. She’s an all round creative who also loves photography, blogging, baking, anime, America and Japan.

So tell us a little about yourself. You’re a writer – what kind of stuff do you write?
Writing is my real passion – I’ve always loved writing stories since I was a wee girl. Had such a great imagination back then. I love anything that can immerse you into another world really. I’m writing my own novel (6 chapters and counting so far!) and I’ve got a sci-fi book on the go too that you probably saw on my blog – I was intending it to be a community thing – if people wanted to add to it or come up with stuff to go in it that would have been really cool but I haven’t had enough time to promote it really and so it’s sort of on hold.

I work as a copywriter currently – a job which I really love for the challenge it presents in getting the wording right for each client. It’s a lot harder writing for other people than just for yourself but it also pushes you a lot more to improve and to learn. I do really like writing my blog posts too – it gives me a place to air things that I don’t normally get a chance to say.

I also love Fashion – my favourite site being ASOS but equally like to do my own thing rather than just follow what you’re ‘supposed’ to be wearing this year :P (apparently its flatforms and mermaids this year..)

There’s plenty of recipes on your blog – what is your trademark™ dish?
There really should be more recipes there, I cook and bake all the time, it’s just a case of having time to upload it. My signature dish is Lasagne – my boyfriend says that no other lasagne compares to mine and it is rather yummy. Other than that I consider myself an experimental baker; I don’t always follow recipes, I like to change things up and invent new recipes. My favourite thing to make would have to be cookies though – so simple and yet so many tasty varieties :P

You say you love America and Japan – have you been there or are those dream vacations?
I love America. I grew up on American TV series like Buffy, Dawson’s Creek, Party of Five, Roswell, The OC, ER, Ally McBeal, the list is endless really – I barely watch anything English apart from documentaries, period dramas and Sherlock (LOVE Sherlock). I’ve actually watched so much American TV that I’ve started coming out with random American words instead of the English equivalent – like diaper….or trash. My friends all think I should have been born there lol. I love the country as a whole though – from the small town way of life like in Gilmore Girls to the actual countryside and the vastness of the place – the history and the idealism that goes alongside it.

As for Japan I first discovered my love of Anime in my first year of university back in 2004/5 – now I’m a huge Studio Ghibli fan amongst other classics like Ghost in the Shell and Akira. They have a really unique culture over there too, from the bands to the fashion, the way people treat each other to the houses and food, it all just really intrigues me I think. I started learning Japanese a while back too – so hard but really interesting at the same time. As for travelling alas I have been to neither of these places yet. But I seriously need to visit America before I die – It’s like the ultimate dream for me.

What are your favourite video games of all time?
Favourite games of all time, lets see. Riven is a definite – played this a long time ago on my pc after completing Myst and was just blown away. For the time it was a huge leap in graphics from Myst to Riven and the movements and realism of the game just had a huge impact on me. I used to put my headphones on, turn the lights off and play Riven for hours in the dark, just completely immersed in the game (I really need to play the Myst games again now i think of it).

The Elder Scrolls games have been favourites of mine since Morrowind and I’m actually addicted to Skyrim – no joke :) I also loved the first Mass Effect game – it was the first of its kind really – sci- fi, set in space but not ALL about the fighting or boring ship tactical battles. I am playing Mass Effect 2 but they changed it a bit too much for me to feel like it’s the same sort of game and that frustrates me – too much fight and not enough exploring and story. Finally there is Costume Quest; it’s so small in comparison and took me relatively little time to complete it compared to the rest but OMG did I love it. So addictive and funny and cute and easy to play – just loved it. Monkey Island comes up high too, but I’d probably say I liked the Broken Sword series more.

So who would win in a fight between George Stobbart and Guybrush Threepwood?
I think that’s pretty obvious. George Stobbart hands down. Threepwood is useless…and an idiot. A lovable idiot – but an idiot.

Guybrush can hold his breath for ten minutes remember.. and is invicible.
You have a thing for Mr Threepwood don’tcha? :P I gotta say he is a hottie.

On a scale of 1-10, how geeky are you?
I’m a massive geek (so I’d say 9 or 10) – in more ways than one – huge Sci-fi fan – Star Trek, Star Gate, Star Wars. I’m not one of those people that thinks one is better than the other – if it’s space related I usually love it :D

Then there’s my gaming background – grew up on an Amiga, then moved to PC gaming and then only about 6 years ago got into the PS3 (I’m not a fan of the xbox though.. ..just feels clunky to me) and I’m really excited about the PS Vita as I had a go on it at the Eurogamer Expo on Little Big Planet and it was awesome! :)

Always been a fan of point and click which I feel are majorly ignored now a days despite the huge fan base and I got very excited at the Double Fine Kickstarter project – donating $30 to the cause :) I’m very techy – most of my friends (female) don’t even know how to plug a PlayStation in! I’m pretty good at most tech and pick it up really fast.

And what stuff really grinds your gears?
I’m never good at thinking of stuff like this even though I know I have pet hates. I’d say – people who are judgemental before they know all the facts (or people who just judge anyway). It always annoys me in TV programs when characters jump to conclusions – I’m like SERIOUSLY will you just listen to that guy already – people never listen. I really hate all the people out there who complain about games and developers when they really have no right – the developers make these games for the fans – it’s the publishers that normally end up ruining a game because of too much pressure on a release date. Dying in games always annoys me too – which is probably why in most of the games I play, you can’t die (or if you do it doesn’t matter like in the Lego games).

I don’t have the perseverance like some gamers out there – I get annoyed too quickly lol! I will go back and try again but it’ll prob be a week later when I’ve forgotten why I stopped playing. haha. Other than that probably the normal things – bad driving, my boyfriend putting teabags in the sink when the bin is right next to it. lol. I know it’s daft.

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