Beneath A Steel Sky was a point-and-click adventure game developed by Revolution Software and published by Virgin Interactive Entertainment in 1994. It was initially released for PC MS-DOS and Commodore Amiga. The introduction sequence and the background graphics were done by the popular comic artist Dave Gibbons.

The game takes place at an unknown point in a dystopian future in Australia, where the Earth has been significantly damaged by pollution or nuclear fallout. The introduction sequence tells the story of a young boy called Robert Foster who is the sole survivor of a helicopter crash in “the Gap”. With him is a talking, sentient robot called Joey, whose circuit board has been put inside a robotic vacuum cleaner after his original shell was damaged in the crash.

As Foster is hunted by security officers, he makes his way further down the city looking for a way to escape, eventually arriving in the abandoned subway tunnels. There he finds out that the all-powerful computer system called LINC, has become an exponentially growing, half machine half organic entity.

In August 2003, the game was released as freeware to support the development of ScummVM, a virtual machine to play old adventure games on newer systems. Since then, it’s available at

“Beneath a Steel Sky 2 is a project Revolution has been considering for a while, and has started to move forward on, but we are unable to comment beyond this,” company boss Charles Cecil said in 2004.

I hope that it will look something like this:

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