David O’Reilly has a new animation called Story of Genki, part of Tim and Eric’s “Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax”.

The very last frame, if you can catch it, reads:

All “humans” harmed in the making of this production were worthless societal waste who never had a worthy or honorable path anyway. Please stop calling us about this.

Kimsoo how do i make a copyright simbol? The fucking intern cleaned my desk and i dont think it a good idea to use the letter C in brakets. We have to look profesonal and its shit like this which will get us fired. I think it aws alt and some other keys but i cant remember. Also you left docuemnts in my cubbyhole> I told you to not do that. If people know that i know you you will be sent to the pit for 3mont at least. ( too lazy to finish, all errors left the same)

Written & Directed by David O’Reilly
Assisted by Claudio Salas
Sound design & Music by Bram Meindersma

This animation is part of Tim & Eric: Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax.

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