Reverse italics that show when you are being sarcastic.

Sartalics, created in 2011 by three interns, is a left-leaning type style optimized for the digital era so it can convey sarcasm on the internet. The team are looking for support for the font to be used throughout the web for tweeting, emailing or updating your Facebook status with a sarcastic comment.

Unfortunately, because it uses webkit, it can only be in a div tag and has to be its own paragraph, but there should be a solution to this soon.

However, since it uses CSS, it works with any font. Even Comic Sans.

style=”-webkit-transform: skew(20deg);
-moz-transform: skew(20deg);
-ms-transform: skew(20deg);
-o-transform: skew(20deg);
transform: skew(20deg);”

H.L. Menken, an American satirist who passed away in 1956, proposed left-leaning type for typewriters because his American audience could not detect when he was tring to be funny. Some might call him the grandfather of sartalics.

In 2004, Glenn McAnally, who some call the founding father of sartalics, developed a left-leaning font called “Arial Sarcastic” to convey sarcasm.

Sarcasm is a hard emotion to convey, when you’re not face-to-face with someone, so Sartalics is an effort to get many voices of the internet pushing for this font style to be heard once and for all. Follow Sartalics on Twitter to show your support. Your Twitter account will act as your virtual signature.

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