Prototype 2 will be a battle of Heller vs Mercer. The official E3 trailer takes their personal war to the streets of New York.

Alex Mercer was the classic video game hero who seemed unaware of his power choosing to follow the orders of his sister instead of taking control of the kingdom on its own. However, this all changes in Prototype 2 when Mercer seems to finally take the reign and discover that being in charge can be a lot of fun, but unfortunately the power goes to his head and soon he is a tyrant ruling the land that now must be saved from his hands before it is completely destroyed. In other words: a clear story of power gone to the head.

Like the original, Prototype 2 is set in New York, but you will not recognize the scenes given the fact that now the city looks like an apocalyptic landfill with disease and mutants pretty much everywhere you look. The city is divided into zones based on the traffic light system with red being areas that are horribly affected and from there logically lessened in destruction. What is stunning are the graphics and how many people fit into the backgrounds creating a stunning game world that you can move around in relatively simple as you hunt down Mercer and fight the corruption that he created.

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