Natural Selection 2


Natural Selection 2 is a first person shooter cross real time strategy game being developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, a small ~6 person team in California. It is a stand alone sequel to the popular Half-Life modification Natural Selection.

NS2 pits the human marine Frontiersmen against the varied alien Kharaa. The two teams, of up to 16 players each, vie for control of strategic points of large and small maps, with the goal of wiping each other out.

Each team has a commander, who views the game from a real time strategy perspective. The rest of the team plays from a first person shooter perspective. Players may seamlessly enter and exit commander mode throughout the game. Teams may build a large variety of structures to aid them in controlling territory, upgrading equipment, and unlocking new lifeforms, weapons, abilities, and support units.

The latest patch for the Natural Selection 2 Beta is now available on Steam.