Pushing to new heights in game engine technology. Take a look at the tech demo for Unreal Engine 3.

Revealed at the 2011 Game Developers Conference, the real-time demo of “Samaritan” shows what Epic wants to see in the next generation of games. The features demonstrated in this video are available now in UDK!

The first few shots of the protagonist highlight enhanced particle effects, localised motion blurring (Bokeh Depth of Field), static and dynamic reflection shadows, and DirectX 11 lighting technique called Deferred Shading. As the Samaritan raises the blowtorch to his face to light a cigarette, Subsurface Scattering is seen for the first time, which simulates realistic light refraction on skin.

Research shows that the greatest barrier to in-game photorealism is the rendering of a face, and though that goes beyond lighting and modelling to include mannerisms, eye and mouth movement, Epic have brought us one step closer to reality in the virtual world.


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