Guaranteed – this is the best thing you have seen today! Reactable on the iPad, iPhone and iPod!

The Reactable mobile application features an audio and graphics engine based on the real Reactable, and takes full advantage of the possibilities of multi-touch screens to bring the playful and intuitive user interface of the Reactable to mobile devices.

The musical possibilities are endless. Import loops and samples and define new sequences and store them on the device. Reactable sets can be exported and shared with other users. Together with a microphone the Reactable mobile can also be used as an advanced effects processor. It is even possible to control it with the built-in accelerometer.

The iPad version of Reactable is based on the full scale live Reactable touch interface which was showcased at the Sonar Festival (Barcelona, June 2006),  (Berlin, February 2007) and TEI’07 (Tangible and Embedded Interaction Conference) in Baton Rouge (Louisiana, February 2007).

More information about the Reactable instrument:

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